Chloe Ewing
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On June 9th, 2003, Chloe Ewing was born in Long Beach California. Chloe began acting and modeling by accident at age 1 and a half and now at age 13, she is still actively pursuing it. She says she loves being on TV and in magazines and loves to show her family and friends all her hard work. Chloe has been featured in several magazines, print ads, televison shows, commericals, web-series, and even movie posters (most famously for the 2012 horror hit Sinister). Along with acting/modeling, Chloe is a very active girl. Chloe is highly involved in figure skating and has been a competitive figure skater since 4 years of age. Chloe currently resides in southern California with her mom, dad, dogs, and her sister, fellow actress/model, Jessie-Blue Ewing. She loves to ski, skate, and swim.

Fun Facts

  • Chloe LOVES Marilyn Monroe!
  • Chloe has gotten to travel to New York City, Washington D.C., Utah, and more thanks to her modeling.
  • Chloe and her friend Isabel have been casted as twins twice without even trying!
  • Chloe got to portray the character Jenny from the hit movie Forrest Gump in a comedy sketch.
  • Chloe is a competitive figure skater.
  • Chloe was a stunt double for actress Harley Graham on Criminal Minds.
  • Chloe loves painting nails.
  • Chloe’s favorite Disney character is Tigger.